Michael Roek
Interesting  and funny data 1970 - 2018 
By Michael Roek-Ramirez, Mexico/Germany
34452 Finishers  from 1979 - 2019,  from 7 to 88 years old!
15705 individual swimmers coming from Hawaii and 25 Countries and 4 Continents)
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Overall 15705 swimmers enjoyed the Waikiki sea:
Single-time finishers: 9470
Come-Back-finishers: 2690
Three times participants: 1324
708 four-times finishers
422 swimmers finished 5 times
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Check the Male-Female Finisher's Balance and Overall Finisher Quantity by year!
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Get to know our
all-time most participating finishers
and the
most-time consecutive finishers
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Bring a friend and help  WRS persist!
See the percentage of new swimmers over the years.... 
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Motivate  your children!
WRS is growing older! Young Newbies welcome!!!
Was 2019 the turn-around?
See the Mean Finisher Age over the years!
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Return swimmers - Long time no swim?
Join us again!
See after how many years swimmers come back!
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If you have any comment or suggestion or detect any error in the data, please let me know and I will investigate immediately.
More than 34.000 data sets in different formats have been analyzed and reviewed by AI and manually, more than 3000 data sets have been fixed, but there still might be a few glitches....